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On behalf of the Loka Institute's Board of Trustees and staff, I am proud to announce that the Loka Institute has been selected as a winner of the prestigious CIO-100 from IDG's _CIO_ magazine. Termed by many as the "Academy Awards of the Information Technology world", the CIO-100 recognizes organizations around the world that excel in positive business and organizational performance through innovative practices and products.

_CIO_ magazine is aimed at Information Executives, presenting cutting edge resources for information technologists. With a readership of over 140,000, _CIO_ is published in nine countries around the world. Each year, _CIO_ magazine honors 100 organizations and companies that provide leadership around a particular theme. The focus of this year's CIO-100 is companies and organizations that demonstrate innovation to improve products, services and relationships with partners and clients.

The Loka Institute was selected for our innovative approach to science and technology decision-making, for our recognized research on the social, cultural, environmental and political impacts of scientific and technological developments, and for our ability to facilitate relationships between non-traditional partners. As an award winner, Loka shares recognition with organizations such as the American Red Cross and Ashoka, and with companies such as Palm, Inc., IBM Corp., and Patagonia Inc. A full list of this year's award winners can be found at CIO, or in the August 15th edition of _CIO_ magazine.

CIO-100 award winners were selected through a three-step process. First, companies or organizations filled out an online application form, or _CIO_ staff and members of its expert panel nominated companies and organizations they deemed best fit the award criteria. A team of _CIO_ editors and writers reviewed the application forms and expert recommendations and voted on the final 100. The judging objectives were to recognize positive performance through innovative practice.

Award winners were recognized at the CIO-100 conference, held last week in San Diego, CA. Because of our unique perspective and our ability to leverage significant impact with minimal resources we were selected to speak on a plenary panel of award winners, along with Waste Management, Inc. and 8th Continent, Inc.

"In order to survive in the competitive business world, companies rely on innovative ideas and development of those ideas into sound business and organizational processes," says Abbie Lundberg, Editor in Chief, CIO magazine. "Honorees of this year's CIO-100 have done just that and are being recognized for their ingenuity and success."

The Loka Institute thanks _CIO_ magazine and the panel of judges for recognizing the important work and mission of our organization. It confirms our belief that the impacts of our scientific and technological decisions are among the most important issues facing us in the 21st century.

We also want to thank all of you it is because of your support that we are able to have the broad impact we do. Now is the time to build a world where our scientific and technological developments are determined by democratic processes, and where communities have access to the information and resources they need to solve problems they face. I hope you will continue to join us on this exciting adventure!


Jill Chopyak Executive Director The Loka Institute

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