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Examples of U.S. Federal Programs that Fund Community-Based Research (CBR)

AgencyProgram FundedBudgetUnique Features
Housing & Urban Development
Community Outreach Partnerships Centers Program (COPC)Total COPC budget: $7.5 mil. (max. $1.8 mil. for research)COPC research can be community based.
National Institute of Health
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)Approx. $25 mil. goes to CBR (7% of NIEHS budget) 
Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)OBSSR: $13 mil. (only a fraction for CBR) 
National Inst. of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Patients with AIDS on grant review committees
Centers for Disease Control
Potential Health Effects in Ely Shoshone Tribe Communities Exposed to Radioactive FalloutFY99: $125,000Sole source grant for tribe
STD/HIV PreventionRequest for FY99: $10 mil.A portion of these funds are available for CBR
Demonstrations to Address Health DisparitiesRequest for FY99: $30 mil.A portion of these funds are available for CBR
Grants for Radiation Study and ResearchTotal FY99 program budget: $350,000Accepts applications for CBR
Prevention Research InitiativeFY99: $25 mil.Accepts applications for CBR, also requests are peer reviewed
Department of Defense
Breast Cancer Research ProgramFY98: $111 mil.Survivors on peer review board, but individual research projects are not participatory.
Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Environmental Justice Small Grants Program

Community-based grants

Total budget available to CBR: $1.6 mil.

Total budget for community projects: $9.4 mil.

Department of EducationNational Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)Research budget approx. $50 mil., (roughly 5-10% involves participatory research methods)75-90% of NIDRR peer review panels include people with disabilities, their guardians, or consumer advocates.

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